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09 November 2009 @ 08:53 pm

Rapping is the best pasttime in the WORLD. I love how you start at first, but it starts flowing out until, every single thought inside of you is out. I love how once I start writing, I never pause to think. I love how when you freestyle, you get caught up in the moment, and you feel the rush of adrenaline (I can't freestyle that well.. YET). I love how you look back at your lyrics and you feel satisfied of yourself. It's an outlet for me, really. I always use rap as a way to express how I feel. I do it in every moment, even when walkin in the hall. I always think of lines for retaliation in rap battles. Every line that comes up, is stored inside my brain, only to be pulled out when I need it. It's a big storage of words, and you pick at random, to make a verse. 
I've started rapping ever since I first heard Big L. He was my inspiration into the world of rap. Sure people hate against rap, saying that it's fake and all they ever talk about is money, ho's, and clothes. It's partly true. Rappers nowadays honestly messed the game up. Where did all the reality go? The reality went down from mainstream (radios and such owned by record incorperations) to underground (not owned or advertized). When I realized the meaning of underground, I understood that anyone can become a rapper, anyone. There's a UK rapper that's been gaining alot of fame lately from youtube. 
Anyways enough about the background, and more about me. I rap any time when I need to do so. The more you practice, the faster and better you get at flowing. Your tongue and mouth starts to move faster and your mind also starts working. If you think about it, rappers consist of more vocabulary than any other genre of music, which means that they're smarter than the rest of musicians.
I think of rap as poetry, exept fast paced and not as boring. If Mr. Ross argues that basketball is a metaphor for life, then rap IS life. Rappers put alot of their memories and their lessons in their songs. Like poetry, I rap anytime I'm sad, happy, or angry. It's a cure for everything. I sometimes write lines down in class too, when a good one comes up. I know this entry is really unorganized, but it's because I have so many things I want to say about rap at the moment, that I can't help typing everything that comes up. It's as if the word "rap" triggers something in my brain. From that, I start thinking about lines. Even my facebook is full of lines here and there, and I write some occasionally on my notes, wether fiction, my emotion, or fantasy.
Rap is a conversation starter. I remember I had this on my status.

I inpire to be the first asian gangsta rapper. And if fate doesn't let me, then ima slap her. Don't underestimate cuz i'm an A-z-n. I'm probably better than you times ten. My rap so sick when i write it with a toxic pen. You can't copy me it's like lookin at the sun through a lens. You're gonna yell and ask god why did i try? I don't know you tell me why i'm so fly.

those 6 lines started a whole rap battle on facebook that went on for 4 hours straight. I thought I was the best there, just because I managed to retaliate to 3 people at once for 4 straight hours with all original rhymes, but I know I have a long way to go. Typing is easy, and so is writing. It's the freestyle that counts.

Here's one I just thought of. 

Mr. Ross's favorite passtime is basketball
But the rap game dominates it all, no stall
No matter how many nothing but nets and dunks you scatter
In the eyes of rap, u get no claps, cuz it really doesnt matter
rap's the best game on the earth and it true
poetry existed for millenias and from a seed it grew
into a speech with the power to change people's thoughts
basketball can't do that much, honestly, what's it got?
It's a game, it's fame, and it aint lame
it's wild, the style, it's got not frame
it expands however it wants, you can't stop it
dont try, you'll get exhausted, and you'll vomit
you run, i speak, but i still win
you throw, i spit, for you it's sin
to even try, u get fried, and by the night
you'll be grilled up, long and wide, it's not a lie

I like to think of myself as a disciple of rap. I'm getting better and better by the day, and by college, I know that I'll be as good as most rappers. 

01 November 2009 @ 10:04 pm
   When I was just a wee lad, I remember locking myself inside my own closets from the fear of IT coming, but then coming right back out because i was scared IT was in there. Little did I know that the vicious bastard with white makeup, blue eyespots, red lipstick and a rudolph worthy ridiculous nose was waiting for me, with that twisted evil smile slowly being licked by his bloodred tongue. His name was KK short for Killer Klown. He was my greatest fear of all time.

   I remember waking up, screaming, kicking, and flailing, and yelling, "HE'S GOT ME! HE'S GOT ME! THE RED BLUE WHITE BASTARD HAS GOT ME!" Let me be frank with all you clowns out there, I hate you all. Not to be biased or anything, but you deprived me of sleep, deprived me of fun, and all you ever did was shove jack in the boxes in my face yelling "Suprise!" with that dumb, annoying, and obnoxious laugh that made me wanna gouge my ears out (if it was possible).  I hated that laugh so much, that I could even see the letters coming out of your red mouth, being slobbered and licked before being pushed out. The H's would slap me forehand, and the A's would slap me backhand, leaving a gigantic, wet mark on my face. No offense but it's just how your fellow treated me.

   It all started in Toys-R-Us. I was there, minding my own business, looking for yu-gi-oh and pokemon cards, when a clown walked up to me, put his hand on my shoulder, and asked me, "What are you looking for?" That scared the living s**tf***er out of me. His face was right in front of my face, so close, that I could almost see his sweat beading down his chubby nose. His overalls looked like they were violently beaten and bullied by knives and forks. The mean clown smelled of skunk, which I, 6 years later, in 8th grade, found out was weed. This blazed clown was staring into my eyes, his eyes as red as the dragon from Mu Lan, and waving in frustration as I did not answer his question. "I said, WHAT do you NEED?" he yelled again, either because he was very high and just wanted to f**k around with an innocent kid looking for pokemon trading cards, or he was serious and wanted to help, but was too high to realize that he was yelling at me at the top of his lungs. I barely manage to stutter a "N-nothing" and I ran. I ran towards my asian mother and father that I, back then, thought were secret spies that can do really good kung fu, to request for help and beat the clown up. We went to the spot to see where he was, but he wasnt there. All that I found, coincidence or not, was a box that a yo-yo was in, that read "Comes back to you everytime!" I either misinterpreted it as a message or he left it there on purpose. But either way, that clown was the biggest a**hole in my life and if i do. IF I DO, bump into that red eyed, make up wearing, torn overalled, rudolph nosed clown ever again, I'd be sure to use my kung fu fighting skills like a true shaolin monk and put a message across to him. Dont F**K with David Lee.
20 October 2009 @ 12:10 am

Jedi Mind Tricks- Trail of Lies


Turn the television off, cousin, that ain’t nothing for a girl to see
I’ve got a niece and best believe she mean the world to me
and she don’t need to see the shit that they think a girl should be
ninety pound skinny bitches that ain’t even girl to me
essentially this shit designed to take a hold of you
telling lies till your vision takes control of you
they finding different ways to take your fucking soul from you
a show about a model make your self esteem low for you
everything is fake trust me no one that lovely
I’ve met a lot of famous people and they fat and ugly
I ain’t any better I just think the fact is funny
that they’ll take a little girl and pimp her for the cash and money

The verse starts out with this, telling you that the television is corrupt and fake. They author is trying to convey a message that the media lowers your sense of pride and make your self esteem low. He’s telling you how a television shouldn’t make judgments for you, that you should cherish what you have no matter what you see on the media. That’s one serious problem that the world has to this day. Mothers, fathers, and guardians all compete with each other, using their child as a tool to get recognition. Using their child as an object to compare and brag about.

where the parents at cousin this is really bad
is this the motherfucking manager or really dad
is he concerned about his daughter or his silly pad
this aint gonna change nothing I jus think this is really sad

This verse draws a scene which the dad isn’t treating his daughter as a daughter. He cares more for the awards than his own child. The author feels remorse in the fact that what he says won’t change anything.

Turn the television off, cousin, it’s a tool for them to clog the mind
Conservatism and Liberalism they divide the line
the natural feelings of a child will still be common kind
then they show you ads for the marines and they decide its time
so they can send you to a war behind they fog of crime
then send you homeless in a limb and not provide a dime

Verse two starts with another reason to turn off your television. He says that “it’s a tool for them to clog the mind”. He’s showing another serious problem about the media. The drafting of children has been on for a while in America. Children from all around USA, with not enough money to go to college see the television commercial for the army. They see all the glory, fantasy, and fun in wars in movies. He tries to teach the listeners the outcome, how they just send you home without anything so you can live in the streets as a homeless.

yeah, that’s another fucking topic for another day
I’m gonna try to tell you how they get you in another way
they tell you that there’s something wrong with you, you need they drugs
but there ain’t nothing fucking wrong with you, they thieving thugs
they sell drugs and commercials at the same time
lock a motherfucker up for the same crime

In this verse, the author teaches you the hypocrisy in the media’s commercials. They use models and cartoons to lower your self esteem and make yourself feel that you need their products. But they then lock up someone else doing basically the same thing; dealing drugs. After hearing this song, you can honestly see things from a different point of view. I came to be able to recognize the media’s techniques in selling their product. I think this message is extremely important to the world. Be original, because individuality is a part of the human life.

Current Music: Jedi Mind Tricks