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03 May 2010 @ 08:18 pm
1. Describe your favorite pet OR if you've never had a pet you liked, describe what your favorite pet would be/be like.

I remember i had this dumb hamster named Roy that couldn't run fast or anything. He wasn't all that interesting but i played around with him alot like putting him in a guitar to see if he can find his way out, or throwing seeds at him.

2. Where do you feel safest?

I feel the safest in my room. I guess it's because i feel comfortable in my room

3. Write a CREATIVE excuse (absence) note for the attendance office.

Dear Attendance Office,

I couldn't make it to school today because my dog ate my homework.

MC Lavid Dee

4. If you could have as much of any one food item--not a full meal--and it wouldn't count against you as unhealthy, what would you pick? You could pick an ingredient, like sugar, and all sugar would not count against you, or you could pick a finished item like fudge, in which case you could eat all the fudge you wanted but brownies, chocolate bars, etc would still count against you.

I would pick dog. I dont wan't it to count against me, but honestly, that shit's so good.

5. If you could punch any one character from a book or film, who would you punch?

I would punch Drako Malfoy from harry potter. I hate his dumb punk ass haircut and it annoys me. (i don't watch harry potter btw :))

6. You're given an empty storefront and startup money. What kind of business would you open?

i would create a store full of asian food. No particular one in general, but just asian food.

7. What 5 things would you like to do before you die?

1. Get laid
2. Spend money
3. Eat like crazy
4. try all the drugs in the world <- no lie. admit it, you only don't do it because it would affect you long term or because you don't want to get addicted. If you were to die the next day, hell i'd try it.
5. Sock a teacher in the face.

8. If you could go back in time to change any one historical event, what would it be, and how would changing it affect the world moving forward FROM THAT POINT OR if you could un-invent something, what would it be and why would you un-invent it?

I would uninvent guns because i'm anti war and i love peace. :)

9. Write down your top 5 favorite lyrics/quotes and explain why you like them/picked them (and give any analysis that will help us).

It was my choice to get clean. I did it for me,
you need to know my views fore you step in my shoes
either you a part of the problem or offer a solution
it's not that i'm being selfish, not tryna share the wealth, but please don't try to act like you in my life for yourself
get the fuck away from me i'm finished

I like these lyrics because I feel that they have strength in these words.

10. You have a week to spend $10,000--how would you spend it?

I would wish for more wishes.

11. Pick a poster/piece of art from Mr. Ross' walls and write about why you picked it. Do you love/like/hate it? How does it make you feel?

"This is not a pipe" <-dumbest thing ever. Of course it's a pipe. "OH NO IT'S A PICTURE OF A PIPE"

12. Describe your favorite piece of clothing/accessory and why you like it (hat, shirt, shoes, etc) OR if your house was burning down, what 3 non-living things would you grab?

I would grab my ipod, money, and cellphone. I can't live without them
bedeliaa on May 4th, 2010 04:38 am (UTC)
...did you really say that you would eat dog?
Whatever, to each their own, I guess...
And HAHHAHAHAH i fersure agree with the drugs thing, and I liked your answer to the $10000 question, get through them loopholes..