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13 December 2009 @ 12:07 pm
Random Thoughts  
I can't believe that Mr. Ross is telling me to do this when i could be writing songs and stuff. It's kinda wierd how he'd make us do this. It's like we're in that psychoanalysis or whatever the hell its called... MAYBE he's trying to figure us out so he can use his super pyschoanalysis teaching skills to keep us under control. which would be bad of course haha. right now i'm listening to this song that me and marcellus made up it's pretty cool really. i honestly think my parts are the rawest parts ever in the song hahahaha maybe someone should rap with me sometime. SEE ME IN A FREESTYLE BOY! lol
anyways this is getting really really boring, my hands are starting to cramp up and my fingers hurt. my computer probably hurts too,,, which is wierd sorry for being so freaky on the computer but if i dont do this i get a flat F therefore causing my parents to disown me and cut me off from the family tree like snip snip and write me off the will which i dont want. actually theres nothing really i can get from the will anyways so i guess i gotta do this and get a good grade and go to a good college and get a good job... wow that's like all asian right there hahaha thats what my mom says all the time like it's all about
everything starts with fricking good why can't she say supreme or extreme or some other cool word like that righht? really and now it's been like 2 minutes i really dont think i can do this for another 13 sighh but i really have to. i know
lets talk about my childhood like mr ross really wants...
wait brb changing the song
ok that took like 10 seconds so that's really not an inturruption but hey at least im being honest right?
well in my childhood like 500 fricking years ago back in korea T_T so many fights T_T_T_T_ anyways it was good i guess
lots of friends
lots of kids
lots of playtime
and best of all not much homework cough mr ross cough ahahha
oh sweet like 10 more minutes left i think
but honestly comparing myself to other people i probably wrote like 9999x more than them so i guess quantity>quality? ahahaha
anyways comment me love you all equally like jesus christ.