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03 May 2010 @ 08:18 pm
1. Describe your favorite pet OR if you've never had a pet you liked, describe what your favorite pet would be/be like.

I remember i had this dumb hamster named Roy that couldn't run fast or anything. He wasn't all that interesting but i played around with him alot like putting him in a guitar to see if he can find his way out, or throwing seeds at him.

2. Where do you feel safest?

I feel the safest in my room. I guess it's because i feel comfortable in my room

3. Write a CREATIVE excuse (absence) note for the attendance office.

Dear Attendance Office,

I couldn't make it to school today because my dog ate my homework.

MC Lavid Dee

4. If you could have as much of any one food item--not a full meal--and it wouldn't count against you as unhealthy, what would you pick? You could pick an ingredient, like sugar, and all sugar would not count against you, or you could pick a finished item like fudge, in which case you could eat all the fudge you wanted but brownies, chocolate bars, etc would still count against you.

I would pick dog. I dont wan't it to count against me, but honestly, that shit's so good.

5. If you could punch any one character from a book or film, who would you punch?

I would punch Drako Malfoy from harry potter. I hate his dumb punk ass haircut and it annoys me. (i don't watch harry potter btw :))

6. You're given an empty storefront and startup money. What kind of business would you open?

i would create a store full of asian food. No particular one in general, but just asian food.

7. What 5 things would you like to do before you die?

1. Get laid
2. Spend money
3. Eat like crazy
4. try all the drugs in the world <- no lie. admit it, you only don't do it because it would affect you long term or because you don't want to get addicted. If you were to die the next day, hell i'd try it.
5. Sock a teacher in the face.

8. If you could go back in time to change any one historical event, what would it be, and how would changing it affect the world moving forward FROM THAT POINT OR if you could un-invent something, what would it be and why would you un-invent it?

I would uninvent guns because i'm anti war and i love peace. :)

9. Write down your top 5 favorite lyrics/quotes and explain why you like them/picked them (and give any analysis that will help us).

It was my choice to get clean. I did it for me,
you need to know my views fore you step in my shoes
either you a part of the problem or offer a solution
it's not that i'm being selfish, not tryna share the wealth, but please don't try to act like you in my life for yourself
get the fuck away from me i'm finished

I like these lyrics because I feel that they have strength in these words.

10. You have a week to spend $10,000--how would you spend it?

I would wish for more wishes.

11. Pick a poster/piece of art from Mr. Ross' walls and write about why you picked it. Do you love/like/hate it? How does it make you feel?

"This is not a pipe" <-dumbest thing ever. Of course it's a pipe. "OH NO IT'S A PICTURE OF A PIPE"

12. Describe your favorite piece of clothing/accessory and why you like it (hat, shirt, shoes, etc) OR if your house was burning down, what 3 non-living things would you grab?

I would grab my ipod, money, and cellphone. I can't live without them
Lil Wayne- The American Dream

[Mike Tyson Talking]
I'm the best ever. I'm the most brutal, most vicious, and the most ruthless champion. No one can stop me. I'm the best ever.
[Lil Wayne]
uhh, like muthafuck all yall
Mr.Mike Tyson flow, uppercut all yall
step into my ring bitches, ding ding bitches
click clack, pow pow, ping ping bitches

I particularly like this song because I always feel powerful when I listen to the lyrics. Especially with Mike Tyson and his confidence, I suddenly feel like doing something crazy like running from the popo or fighting somebody. I also feel like I'm the coolest person in the world with that sudden attitude of "get the fuck out my way". I guess the whole song's just a complete ego booster or an adrenaline rusher. <- if that's a word. I also like the beat behind it because it's so exciting, but then it goes quiet when mike tyson interrupts to give his overconfident? speech.

Switchfoot- Dare You to Move

The song starts off with a quiet electric guitar strumming, suddenly blasting into a rock song in the chorus. I really like this song because, well, it was one of the first songs that i put on my iPod. I never knew what this song was about back then, but now I know. From hearing it about a bajillion times from grade 7 to sophomore year, I have concluded that this song is about realizing who you are in front of the whole world watching you. It's about choosing between who you should be and who you could be, to choose to submit to the world rather than to choose your own unique way.

"I dare you to move, I dare you to move, I dare you to move yourself off of the floor"

He's saying that you should stop being low and stand up with the pride in yourself that you should have.

Jeff Buckley- Hallelujah

This song is a classic song, one of the classics that gets passed down no matter what generation you're in. I chose to put this song on my blog because, well, since i'm a complete narcisist like Mr. Ross says, i chose it because it has the name David in it. But this song actually talks about King David's inability to resist the temptation of commiting adultery and eventually murder. The author is saying that alone was the greatest downfall of King David, who ruled over on a great throne.
21 March 2010 @ 08:47 pm
I remember all the way back to kindergarten, wearing overalls with a tiny red shirt (my favorite) everyday. I never really knew about style back then, and my parents honestly couldn't care less about it. They just put on whatever looked "cute" on me and let me off to kindergarten. Perhaps, it's because of their lack of care for my personal hygiene that I was a loner back then... or not. Anyways, I remember back before 6th grade, everyone just wore whatever they wanted to, while some punk kids wore shirts with harry potter and skulls and all those other punk shit they wear. But I was that kid wearing the same sweater everyday with the same jeans everday with the same shoes everday with the same everything everday.
It all changed though, in 7th grade, people started making fun of what i wore like blah blah blah this blah blah blah that. I'm gonna be honest with you, it was really mean :'( Well, now I just wear whatever. Honestly, I'm like a switcher between styles. I don't think I really have one alone, but I'm like a hybrid of some sort... or some shit like that. The End
14 March 2010 @ 10:09 pm
1. Do you believe in karma?

Hell no. If Karma existed, then George W. Bush would be dead in the ocean or something. Think about it. Lincoln gets shot, JFK gets shot, but GWB lives? That's bullshit hahaha.

2. What one current event in any aspect of world news do you think is being most neglected or underrepresented?

I think KOREA is being neglected. I flip on the news, all i see is Haiti, Haiti, afgan, haiti, haiti, afgan, chile, afgan. WHERE IS KOREA DUDE? i mean sure it's small but it's a good country.... heard of samsung?

3. If you could have any one superpower, what would it be and why?

Invisibility. I'm not trying to sound like a criminal, but imagine the shit you'd DO with invisibility. I can't name a few though, since it'd be inappropriate whahahaha. But you can hella cheat miles with invisibility. And that's just ONE of the millions of things you can do.

4. If you could invite any 5 famous people or characters to your birthday party, who would you pick?

Cartman from southpark. Butters from southpark. Harold from Harold and Kumar. Seth Rogan as the character from Pinapple express. Biggie smalls. It'd be a pretty chill party since cartman would be fuckin hilarious and everyone would be having fun making fun of butters.

5. If you could live in any film or book, what would you select? Would you want to be one of the characters, or would you want to be you (introduced as a new character)?

I would want to be a character in South Park. Dude they have so many fun adventures and such good times in that show. I'd love to live in a crazy neighborhood like that.

6. Who of your friends would make the best president? I can't wait to know why.

Best president? I'd have to go with me. I think i can be my own friend. I want that power of presidency. I'd love it.

7. I used to always trip out that my strawberry Chapstick tasted so strongly like strawberries (and why was I eating so much Chapstick?). Then I realized that it wasn't the taste that was strong; it was the smell. They say that smell is the strongest sense (and I agree). What is your favorite smell? USE CONNOTATIONS, FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE, OR ANALOGY in your (butter) saucey answer.


8. Ignoring our budget crisis: If you could invent a new class for AHS to teach, what would it be?

I would have to go with Rap Class because according to Mr. Ross, I'm an MC Lavid Dee.

9. Identify any symbol from any film ever (pick your favorite if you can think of many from which to choose). Identify what it means and why you picked it.

Griffindor lion emblem thing. It stands for courage. I have alot of courage. Alot...

10. Will humankind still exist in 300 years?

Hell no. 2012 dude. 3 earthquakes in 2 months? the end is near. repent and turn to the lord.

11. What is the most embarrassing song to ever grace your IPOD? Why was it there, may I ask?

Hey hey you you i dont like your girlfriend! no way no way i think you need a new one! iuno dude
avril lavigne is hot hahaha
along with miley cyrus

12. Did you support your answers?

Yes i did. cheack back!?
07 March 2010 @ 10:10 am
If your dog pooped on my bed, I'll probably get the dog, and harvest its meat and have great dog soup. (no racism or stereotype of any kind intended). Anyways, that was probably THE dumbest way to start a blog. If i were to start a blog i'd probably start it with, "Mr. Ross's version of 'mellow' is the meanest way you can say that word because..." blah blah blah. Come on Mr. Ross. 25 minutes is not mellow. Mellow would more likely be like 5 minutes, in which you can complete a very well informed and awsome blog in that time. So right now i really dont know what to write about. SO i'll write about random shit like what I'm thinking about. Right now I'm thinking about getting an aluminum baseball bat, and smashing my computer screen to pieces like a fly going through a fan; fucking pieces of LCD screen and plastic everywhere. I really want to be poetic, but i really dont have the time, but I can be very poetic when i want to. ;) Trust me babe pwahaha. Wow i hate my spell checks on my internet browser. How can it underline "pwahaha" with red? Obviously computers have no sense of humor. These mechanic bastards. I think in 2012, the world isn't going to end. Instead in 2012, the computers will take over the world and enslave human kind. That would be very scary. You know what? If another fucking earthquake happens in the next 3 months, i'll start believing in the whole 2012. You can't ignore the signs that jesus is sending from above. I HATE HOW I TYPE SO SLOW. my topics move everywhere because I think too fast for my typing. It's like my thinking is a racecar while my typing is like Adam Lieber running. Which is slow. But i'm probably slower... I think... Actually, i'm asian so i have ninja blood inside my veins. It just flows like it. Instead of white blood cells, I have what's called... MASKED blood cells. Fucking OG huh? ANNDDD my time is up in about 60 more seconds. I'm really bored. So i will waste space like thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis. I hhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaateeeeeeeeeeee this asssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssignment. I hate english. English is the dumbest language ever. I'd rather speak those languages they have in the amazons where they do a bunch of clicks and grunts. It'd probably sound like beatboxing. Imagine speaking MUSIC for your language dude haha. TIMES UP MOTHAFUTHA. (motherfather). bye
28 February 2010 @ 10:17 pm
Describe your ideal life. Consider if you'll be married, if you'll have kids, where you will live, how you will spend your free time, and, of course, what your job will be:

My ideal life is i'll be living in a house, preferably at least 5 square acres, with big windows and big doors with gigantic golden gates with silver knobs and everything. i will have a great big lion carpet lying in front of a gigantic smokeless fireplace and green roof. The color of the house will be white. I will have three dogs, (korean islanders) which will be trained to bite anyone on sight. You can give them pieces of your smell such as clothing and such in a VERY SPECIAL MANNER (which i wont release information on for future security purposes) and they wont bite anyone who smells like that.

I will also have machine guns strapped at the gates to shoot anyone who tries to enter without permission. I will have tall at least over 6 foot 2 inches, people in black suits walking around with wired earphones and mics so they can communicate easily on intruders and so on. They will also carry around Uzis to shoot down any forces that try to break into my lovely home.

I will be married to a beautiful asian woman, and we will be living happily in a multibillion dollar home with three children two girls and one boy. They will be extrmely social and popular at school so they wont have to be coming to me for their dumb school problems. They will also major in cooking to cook for me and my wife. I will give them 40 dollars a week each to do whatever the fuck they want, but they will not be able to do drugs because i will perform regular checks in order to make sure that they can never con me. If they ever try to con me, i will set my dogs on them. (my dogs are very scary.)

I'm going to be a very famous rapper with multi platinum albums. Actually i will have multi davidum albums which is a type of reward made just for me because i will be the first emcee to reach over a billion albums sold. I will later on invite Mr. Ross to be my butler to do my every bidding and every wish. My pay to him more than triple his salary than he is getting right now. He will not be happy, but he will still get much more money. I will also drink a glass of champagne every night so i can feel fancy, look fancy and feel more fancy. I will have a chain of mobsters under my command in any case something goes wrong with me.

The End
31 January 2010 @ 10:27 pm
Track 1: Reef the Lost Cauze, This Is My Life

"Underpaid and overworked, i feel like i'm worthless. I kept these facts under cap, but now i pull back the curtains." This makes me think of how Spade isn't really satisfied with his job. Even though he's good at it, he kinda bottles up his real feelings inside and is often frustrated. Reef's line "hit like that, and spit like that, and if i fall i get right back" makes me think of how Spade doesn't really get discouraged and how he doesn't give up easily. "Either way i feel that the saga would never conlude. you need to know my views before you step in my shoes.... so you either part of a problem or you offer a solution... here's the percentage, get the fuck away from me i'm finished." This, in my opinion offers alot of the emotions that Spade might feel towards other people. He'd like to have it easy and he'd like things solved real easy, but in the end he has no other choice but to tell others to get out of his way.

Track 2: Leave Me Alone, Tech N9ne

The first line, "They say i'll freefall anyday. but i dont need y'all anyways" really gets you thinking about Spade's emotion towards the people who try to help him but always end up making situations worse. "and they hollar 'the wierdo!'" makes me think about how Spade thinks he really doesnt belong with other people. "I'm in my own world partna, and you dont fit there. All your tech hatred got you soundin like a bitch player." This also makes me think of how Spade really IS inside his own world, and he wouldn't want anybody in there because they wouldn't be blended in his mind. "I wish I had no problem with smackin a friend, with a gat be snappin a chin, but i got chicks that wanna get it in" makes me think of how hostile he is to his friends, but yet he still has women that are attracted to him in a strange way.

Track 3: No Quitter Go Getter, Lil Wayne

"And I'm proud of the pain, The pride and the blame, The wise and the strange, Denied by the same" seems like something that Spade would say to himself, since he's someone that'd be proud of his accomplishments in every situation. Besides, the line "I'm no quitter, I'm a go getter" describes Spade so precisely even though he is kind of a loose person when it comes to loyalty.

Track 4:
13 December 2009 @ 12:07 pm
I can't believe that Mr. Ross is telling me to do this when i could be writing songs and stuff. It's kinda wierd how he'd make us do this. It's like we're in that psychoanalysis or whatever the hell its called... MAYBE he's trying to figure us out so he can use his super pyschoanalysis teaching skills to keep us under control. which would be bad of course haha. right now i'm listening to this song that me and marcellus made up it's pretty cool really. i honestly think my parts are the rawest parts ever in the song hahahaha maybe someone should rap with me sometime. SEE ME IN A FREESTYLE BOY! lol
anyways this is getting really really boring, my hands are starting to cramp up and my fingers hurt. my computer probably hurts too,,, which is wierd sorry for being so freaky on the computer but if i dont do this i get a flat F therefore causing my parents to disown me and cut me off from the family tree like snip snip and write me off the will which i dont want. actually theres nothing really i can get from the will anyways so i guess i gotta do this and get a good grade and go to a good college and get a good job... wow that's like all asian right there hahaha thats what my mom says all the time like it's all about
everything starts with fricking good why can't she say supreme or extreme or some other cool word like that righht? really and now it's been like 2 minutes i really dont think i can do this for another 13 sighh but i really have to. i know
lets talk about my childhood like mr ross really wants...
wait brb changing the song
ok that took like 10 seconds so that's really not an inturruption but hey at least im being honest right?
well in my childhood like 500 fricking years ago back in korea T_T so many fights T_T_T_T_ anyways it was good i guess
lots of friends
lots of kids
lots of playtime
and best of all not much homework cough mr ross cough ahahha
oh sweet like 10 more minutes left i think
but honestly comparing myself to other people i probably wrote like 9999x more than them so i guess quantity>quality? ahahaha
anyways comment me love you all equally like jesus christ.
26 November 2009 @ 04:52 pm
I would invent something that would help everyone, something that would be self supportive, and something that doesn't need much knowledge to use. I would create an electricity generating clothing. Imagine walking around town, and your ipod runs out of battery. What do you do? just plug it in to your jacket and keep walking and jamming. Your laptop's out of battery in the middle of nowhere. You need to mail something to Mr. Ross or else you get a pure F. You plug your computer into your jacket and mail it. Thank you David for your jacket! it saved my grades!
This jacket should be called the "I make energy 9000" because the name should say what it does, and the 9000 makes it sound impressive. The jacket would gather energy from the tiny static electricity created by your movement, so as long as you keep moving or even! you keep breathing, you can charge your ipod, laptop, or anything.
This jacket should also look like any other jacket, exept with plugs and stuff inside the pockets, so theives wouldn't notice that it IS the famous I make energy 9000. It should come in every shape and every size so that everyone should be able to use it.
The I make energy 9000 should also be at sale for the cheap price of $19.99 and come in family packs of $9.99 per family member provided that you pay an extra $30 for buying in family packs so no cheap person will try to buy in bulks that big. It should be made non resellable so my royal item wouldnt be put for sale on something as peasantry as amazon and ebay.
This jacket should also help you in P.E. by giving electricity little by little to your muscles helping you move faster and be mroe reflexive.
This jacket also beats every single idea all you people ever thought of so yeah. :P
16 November 2009 @ 11:00 pm

1. What is your favorite book?

My favorite book is Where the Red Fern Grows.

2. If you could/had to live in any country besides the United States, where would it be?

I would live in Korea.

3. Who is your favorite superhero?

My favorite superhero is aquaman just because he can tell fishes to kill people

4. If you could change any one law, what would it be?

I would change the law so minors have rights too.

5. Is life a matter of reality or is it all just based on perception?

It is all just based on perception. It looks good or bad depending on how you see it.

6. Is it better to be too hot or too cold?

I prefer too cold because when you're too hot, you cannot breathe so you die suffering, but when you're too cold you die by sleeping.

7. Which is better: to get in a car accident that isn't your fault and lose a leg or to get into a car accident that is your fault and kill an old lady?

I would honestly kill an old lady instead of losing my leg becuase, hey, the lady's about to be dead in like 2 years and I still gotta fulfill my dream of becoming a rapper. People don't like MC No Leggers.

8. Do you believe that pain and suffering is a necessary part of life?

Yin and Yang. You must have one to have the other. Without pain and suffering, there would be no joy and pleasure.

9. Is animal testing acceptable?

Yes it is. I think animal testing is acceptable, but selfish.

10. Do you believe that ghosts exist?

We're not in 2nd grade no more.

11. Do you believe that you can never have too much of a good thing?

Yeah can never have too much of a good thing, otherwise the good thing isnt good anymore.

12. Do you believe that school is the best way to make a person smarter?

No, I think they should make a pill where you swallow it and you become smart.

13. Do you believe that Free Market Capitalism (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_market_capitalism) ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capitalism) is fair? If not, what would you suggest?


14. Do you believe that war can be justified?

Yes, just like fights are acceptable, if the other person is a complete jerk asshole then you should be able to war.

15. If you could switch your gender, but it had to be permanent, would you?

Yes I would, but I'd be lesbian. Private reasons not for explainations.

16. Do you think you are anyone's favorite person in the world?
I have someone who thinks that.
17. Did you fully support all of your answers or just give short/one word answers?

I gave short answers, but they were concise