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31 January 2010 @ 10:27 pm
Track 1: Reef the Lost Cauze, This Is My Life

"Underpaid and overworked, i feel like i'm worthless. I kept these facts under cap, but now i pull back the curtains." This makes me think of how Spade isn't really satisfied with his job. Even though he's good at it, he kinda bottles up his real feelings inside and is often frustrated. Reef's line "hit like that, and spit like that, and if i fall i get right back" makes me think of how Spade doesn't really get discouraged and how he doesn't give up easily. "Either way i feel that the saga would never conlude. you need to know my views before you step in my shoes.... so you either part of a problem or you offer a solution... here's the percentage, get the fuck away from me i'm finished." This, in my opinion offers alot of the emotions that Spade might feel towards other people. He'd like to have it easy and he'd like things solved real easy, but in the end he has no other choice but to tell others to get out of his way.

Track 2: Leave Me Alone, Tech N9ne

The first line, "They say i'll freefall anyday. but i dont need y'all anyways" really gets you thinking about Spade's emotion towards the people who try to help him but always end up making situations worse. "and they hollar 'the wierdo!'" makes me think about how Spade thinks he really doesnt belong with other people. "I'm in my own world partna, and you dont fit there. All your tech hatred got you soundin like a bitch player." This also makes me think of how Spade really IS inside his own world, and he wouldn't want anybody in there because they wouldn't be blended in his mind. "I wish I had no problem with smackin a friend, with a gat be snappin a chin, but i got chicks that wanna get it in" makes me think of how hostile he is to his friends, but yet he still has women that are attracted to him in a strange way.

Track 3: No Quitter Go Getter, Lil Wayne

"And I'm proud of the pain, The pride and the blame, The wise and the strange, Denied by the same" seems like something that Spade would say to himself, since he's someone that'd be proud of his accomplishments in every situation. Besides, the line "I'm no quitter, I'm a go getter" describes Spade so precisely even though he is kind of a loose person when it comes to loyalty.

Track 4:
jewellionlovingjewellionloving on February 3rd, 2010 06:46 am (UTC)
Track 3 fits really well. I think that's one of Spade's main traits -- that he doesn't quit. He's active throughout the whole novel. I don't really know what you're talking about when you say that people try to help Spade and end up making situations worse. Are you like talking about the--like Brigid? or the cops? Track 1 is really good for Spade, except I don't really agree that he's unsatisfied with his job. The rest of the song is pretty much perfect for him though...good job!